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Designed to Fit Your Needs

Choose between our three awesome darts that will surely suit your needs

Medicating Series Now Available

Designed By Users

The ClearDart innovators are ranchers and farmers who experienced the frustrations and failures of the marketplace products. Factoring in the cost of mis-firings and wasted drugs/medicines due to design oversights and flaws, proved too costly to ignore.

The Petite Dart

ClearDart™ is now launching the Petite Dart Series. It is a disposable dart designed for use in the most difficult and/or practical farming and wildlife situations for a safer and more efficient use.

Now Available for order in the Shop

Darting a Bull with Clear Dart

The Medicating Dart

ClearDart™ is now launching the Medicating Dart Series. It is a disposable dart designed for medicating, most commonly used in the cattle industry for a safer and more efficient use.

Focus on Ease of Use

Dart contamination and ease of use became our design focus. We succeeded in a user-friendly, banana peel blister packaging by individually wrapping each ClearDart™. Need one dart? Open one dart! The rest stay clean, semi-sterile and ready to go.

“ClearDart™ is the most accurate & reliable dart on the market.

Dean Dermondy, Devil River Whitetails

“I truly believe this dart is going to be one thing that the entire deer industry is going to want to get their hands on.”

Damien Rexrode, TCW Whitetails

“I am really impressed with your side ports injection darts. I have zero blowback using these darts.”

Johnny Preece, Ranch Manager

The ClearDart™ Patented Front End Loading Hub

Our Exclusive Way of Loading or Unloading Prevents Waste & Loss of Medication and is user friendly under time restraints.

The ClearDart™ Patented Side-Port Needle

The Side-port Needle completely eliminates Tissue Plugs and Blow-backs. 

The ClearDart™ Triple Wall Plunger

Eliminates Gun Powder Contamination of Medicine

The ClearDart™ Exclusive Packaging

Individual Packaged Single-Use Darts allows for sanitary use.  Pull Apart Individual Package Sleeves allows to easily carry 1-24 darts at a time & use as needed.