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ClearDart is the solution.

Our darts have been developed for farmers, ranchers and anyone who has a need for an accurate remote drug delivery device. This is the product that insures the desired result.

The ClearDart innovators are ranchers and farmers who experienced the frustrations and failures of the marketplace products. Factoring in the cost of mis-firings and wasted drugs/medicines due to design oversights and flaws, proved too costly to ignore.  The need for a better product was CLEAR.

It was not an overnight development, but from the beginning, in 2005, we knew the name would be ClearDart.  We always seem to find ourselves asking “Did the animal receive the full dose of medicine?”  It’s the single most important question! This is where the clear chamber tube and patented fill port came into play. The welfare of our animals and the cost of wasted medicines have been the constant companions of the past devices. We needed a CLEAR change.

Our initial research and designs focused around these main line issues. Tackling “bounce outs” and “tissue plugs” became an interesting challenge but one we felt was absolutely necessary before we released our innovative design. ClearDart has engineered a needle and hub partnership that not only eliminates these issues it also allows for a more accurate medicinal dosage.

Another area of concern was the packaging of our product.  Other devices are packaged in a way that fail the user.  Dart contamination and ease of use became our design focus.  We succeeded in a user-friendly, banana peel blister packaging by individually wrapping each ClearDart.  Need one dart? Open one dart!  The rest stay clean, semi-sterile and ready to go.

ClearDart is excited for you to experience the most accurate, easy to use remote drug delivery device on the market today! When there is only one shot and it matters ClearDart IS the Clear choice.